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Biorol sectional door is one of the main types produced at the company.

There is possibility of placement at car garages, underground garages, in storage areas, multiple positions garages, and in many other places.


1. Properly secure the place intended for.

2. It is important to note that do not occupy usable space when opened or closed and for this reason the garage or warehouse can fully be utilized from side to side.

3. There is safe operation of the panel and the operating mechanisms.

4. Specially designed panels prevent in any case trapping of fingers or other small objects.

5. There is also a choice for manual or electric operation.

6. Colour options in all shades of RAL.

7. Option of hinged byilt-in door on the sectional door when there is not enough opening width or a non built-in when the width of the window is enough.

Sectional Industrial Door with Springs

Below is an analysis of the product which will help the reader (mostly technically) understand the philosophy of this product in order to deal with different application cases and avoid any mistakes.

Sectional Industrial Door without Springs

The sectional roof doors Biorol are produced carefully by professional technicians under strict quality control. It should be noted that there is a possibility of constructing frame when the beam is not sufficient.



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