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Double Sheet Insulated Metal Profile


1. Profile of plasticized galvanized steel sheet double skinned insulated with polyurethane.

2. Density of polyurethane 47 kgr/m3.

3. Available colours plasticization 9016 (WHITE) - 9002 (sugar) - 1013 (BEIGE) - 3000 (RED) - 5010 (BLUE) - 6005 (GREEN) - 7015 (DARK GREY) - 735 DU (LIGHT GREY) - 8017 (BROWN) - LIGHT WOOD - DARK WOOD.

4. Possibility of placing single transparent PLEXI GLASS (windows) on a single aluminium profile of extrusion 145mm x 55mm and 600mm x 55mm (maximum) to provide natural lighting.

5. Possibility of placing double transparent PLEXI GLASS (windows) in the same profile 130mm x 60mm to provide natural lighting.

6. Special shaped guides "OMEGA" of various sections (60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120mm) in combination with the dimension of the roll and thickness 2mm steel sheet with integrated rubbers and brushes to reduce losses from wind and noise.

7. Shaftin diameter Φ60 (2,5 mm and 4,0 mm) and Φ76 (3,0 mm and 4,0 mm) according to the requirements of each case.

8. Possibility of constructing external frame by shaped steel sheet of various dimensions to cover the wrapping roller from the exterior side when a beam does not exist.

9. Possibility of constructing a covering box of the shaft which adjusts to the specially designed metal angles on the flags of the guides for faster and easier installation. There is also a choice for removable side of the box for immediate access in case of damage.

10. Possibility of manual or motorized operation.


Ι. Security standards for maximum dimension 600x400 in accordance with the European standard EN 13241-1

α) Dangerous materials
β) Safe Mode
γ) Operating Forces
δ) Wind Load

ΙΙ. Quality ISO 9001:2008

Description Weight/m² Weight/m Step Sheet/m Windows/m
Double insulated 12 kg 1,1 kg 9 cm 11 5



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