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Industrial Sheet Metal Profile Antitebesta (curved)


1. Steel sheet Profile hot galvanized.

2. Galvanized coating weight zn 140gr/m2 (70gr/m2 both sides).

3. Wide range of powder coating colours (AKZO NOBEL) with excellent resistance to outdoor conditions and excellent colour retention that meets the requirements of all major European architectural standards BS EN 12206:2004 PART I, QUALICOAT CLASS I and GSB.

4. Possibility of ventilation in combination with the same or a different profile with maximum hole dimension 3 mm.

5. Possibility of placing transparent (PLEXI GLASS (windows) )dimension 130mm x 70mm to provide natural lighting in combination with the Pastore profile.

6. Special shaped guides "OMEGA" of various cross sections (60 mm, 80 mm, 100 mm, 120mm) in combination with the dimension of the rolling shutter, and thickness 2mm steel sheet with integrated rubbers and brushes to reduce losses from wind and noise.

7. Shaftin diameter Φ159 4,0 mm.Also available in diameter Φ 133/168/193/220 according to the requirements of each case. They have flanged edges (both sides) which are welded into the shaft of the rolling shutter for extra support.

8. Possibility of constructing external frame by shaped steel sheet of various dimensions in order to cover the wrapping rolling shutter from the exterior side when a beam does not exist.

9. Possibility of constructing a covering box of the shaft which adjusts to the specially designed grooves bearing the flags of the guides for faster and easier installation. There is also a choice for removable side of the box for immediate access in case of damage.


Operates with three-phased motor  MIN power 1,5 HP with gear of the Italian firm ELSAMEC. In cases where circumstances require it we have the option to use and single-phased motor.

The manual operation is done with a chain hoist or crank

Advantages included:
a. high security electromagnetic brake
b. switch setting limits placed in a box with IP54 protection
c. low voltage control panel placed in a box with protection IP54
d. reduction system 1 / 5 & 1 / 7
e. a remote control system, button, key selector, keyboard, photocell, flashing, antenna, safety edge, etc. can be adapted
(For more information see engines – electronics)

Biorol SA offers a wide range of products relating to security and providing maximum protection:

Operates with vibration system (shock absorber) for gradual discontinuation of uncontrolled downward movement of the door in case it exceeds the permitted limits.

Also includes microswitch which automatically disconnects the electricity supply of the engine to protect it from greater damage in the event of activation of the parachute according to European Directive.

The parachute is constructed from special alloy of antioxidant metal.

Manufactured under the international safety standards (TUV-BAYERN & BG-BONN) DIN EN 12605 Certified, and has CE safety testing and certification of the above mentioned organizations.

Safety edge
or motion detection photocells whose installation is considered essential when the shutter is remotely controlled in accordance with Security standard EN 13241-1


Ι. Requirements for maximum Security dimension 600 X 500 in accordance with European Standard EN 13241-1

α)dangerous materials
β)safe mode
γ)operating forces
δ)wind load

ΙΙ. Quality ISO 9001:2008

Description Weight/m² Weight/m Step Sheet/m Windows/m
Antitebesta curved 0,7 mm 10,4 kg 0,74 kg 7,1 cm 14 5
Antitebesta curved 0,8 mm 11,9 kg 0,85 kg 7,1 cm 14 5
Antitebesta curved 0,9 mm 13,3 kg 0,95 kg 7,1 cm 14 5
Antitebesta curved 1,0 mm 14,8 kg 1,06 kg 7,1 cm 14 5
Antitebesta curved 1,1 mm 17,9 kg 1,28 kg 7,1 cm 14 5



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