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P.V.C strip curtain

Essential details about the P.V.C strip curtain:

1. The industrial P.V.C strip curtains of flexible PVC are used for insulation or separating areas from temperature, cooling, noise and dust.

2. Placed in external and internal doors, refrigerator doors or forming partitions.

3. Available in two qualities. The type NORMAL for temperatures from -5 c to + 60 c and the type of HEAVY -40 c to +60 c.

4. The P.V.C strip curtains are produced in standard profiles and the choice of the profile depends on the dimension and the use of the hole.

5. In order to achieve sealing P.V.C strip curtains partially overlap with each other.

6. 3 types of brackets made of aluminium or stainless steel are available in order to support P.V.C strip curtains.

7. The strips are usually transparent but opaque are also available. Produced of pure PVC and contain no heavy metals. They are suitable for contact with foodstuff.


Essential details about the doors type Flap:

Doors type flaps consist of:

1. Metal or aluminium frames in the shape of "Γ".

2. Available galvanized, painted, aluminium or stainless steel.

3. Closing Mechanisms.

4. Flexible fins which are usually made of transparent flexible PVC with the possibility of combining with opaque. The thickness of the fins is from 5mm to 10mm.

High speed doors

Essential details about high speed doors:

The high speed doors are suitable for industries and warehouses where the walkway of pedestrians, pallet trucks or vehicles is frequent and we want to minimize the time the door is left open.

Thus, contact with the exterior place is short either because we want small heat or cool losses or protection against insects, dust, odors, etc. is required.

High speed doors vertically moved are manufactured in two basic types:

     α. The type B1 consists of plasticised fabric moving on vertical guides and wrapping at the top of the door.

     β. The type B2 folds in pleat the vertical moving fabric on top of the door with the help of straps.

Opening and closing speed of doors is about 1m/sec.

Transparent windows can be added to all high speed doors.

High speed doors have electric panel with PLC, which in combination with appropriate sensors, controls the proper and safe operation.

Activation of moving can be done by:

     1. Fixed button
     2. Remote control by adjusting photocells
     3. Loop detector
     4. Photocells
     5. Mechanism of movement detection (radar)

In addition easily connect and work with other factory automation.



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