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About us

The great challenge of Biorol from the first day of its institution was the development and evolution of an innovative philosophy which would have anthropocentric and customer base.

Looking at today's leading position in this specific sector as well as the high esteem gained by its customers, one can easily realize that the challenge has been met.

Investing in a stable workforce, which works daily under excellent working conditions and generally within an environment where high respect dominates as well as the development and rewarding of work, has managed to establish the most appropriate production and distribution conditions of products.

At the same time however, has managed to build an ideal system of values with strong foundations ,where responsibility and respect for the consumer dominates, placing the customer in the center of developments meeting the needs and requirements through an interactive relationship of trust and integrity.

For this reason, the advertising phrase “Simple life requires professional solutions”  includes what Biorol wishes to express as it is absolutely identified with its philosophy.



Security Rolling Shutters - Garage Doors
Automation - Industrial Doors
10th km Katerini - Thessaloniki

Tel.: +30 23510 41860
Fax: +30 23510 42252