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Folding rails

brochure8 good reasons to choose us ...

1. 3 mm thickness.

2. Intermediate Teflon for silent operation.

3. Opening mechanism 180 degrees.

4. Mortice lock for greater security.

5. Entirely Galvanized Construction without welding.

6. RAL colours range.

7. Removable terminal guide.

8. The frame is constructed in such a way that makes it impossible to pick the lock from the side (mortice lock providing higher security).

Technical Features

Folding rails for doors and windows are constructed in any desirable height and width dimensions. It is fully assembled with rivets and screws (without welding) so they have a greater resistance to corrosion.

Available galvanized or painted in RAL tints.

The whole frame, the guide, the thresholds and the lock are made of galvanized steel sheet thickness 1,5 mm.

The cross rails are manufactered by galvanized bars 5 and 3 holes 3mm thickness connected to the vertical rails (U 15x15) via rivets with interjection tube and nylon distance rings, in two or three series depending on the height. Bars 5holes with a length of 510 mm are used for the rails of doors and bars 5 holes with a length of 400mm are used for the rails of windows. In both sides of each rails 2 bars of suitable length with 3 holes are used.

The suspension from the upper guide is made by nylon carriage each of which has two bearings coated by nylon. Carriages are placed per three U 15x15 and guide supports are installed at intermediate.

The nylon coating of the bearing provide silent operation of the folding rail.

The frame is constructed in such a way that makes it impossible to pick the lock from the side (mortice lock providing higher security)

In the opening folding rail the thresholds can be folded over the abridged door and opened by rotating 180 ° leaving the door open and the crossing without hindrance. The upper guide is divided into two sections, one of which has a length suitable to fit the abridged door and is connected to the opening frame with additional supports.



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