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Instructuions for the Security Garage Doors

If you have an automatic garage door at your home or you plan to install a new one, being aware of the security conditions while opening and closing is necessary.

Today aimimg at consumer interest, the garage doors produced give far more an excellent dynamic protection to ensure high security of all family members.

Here are some safety rules:

1. During holidays or when absent from home for long periods unplug the garage door from the power supply.

2. When you change the door locks for example after moving to a new house or any other time, check whether the new mechanism of the lock provides the security you require. If there is a factory password from the manufacturer be sure to change it.

3.  Most automated devices on the market give you the option of a wireless garage door control. If there is a password choice then do not give it to others or to write it down somewhere but only memorize it.

4. Never leave the keyboards or the remote controls to visible points when you park your car in public areas or parking lots.

5.  If within the garage there is a door, which leads you to the rest of the house, always be sure every time you leave the house that it is locked properly.

6. Place as preventive measure a carbon monoxide detector. Carbon monoxide is odorless and colourless and is produced after you leave your car in the garage.

7. To prevent accidents, always put a safety device for example photocells that prevent the movement of the door downwards.

Operating modes

Depending on your needs a device can be adjusted a corresponding control mode operation.
Below you can see the most important:

  1. manual operation
  2. push button (on/off)
  3. remote controlsystem
  4. loop detector
  5. mechanism of motion detection(radar)
  6. photocells


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