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Biorol in an attempt to absolutely satisfy the consumer gives you a series of instructions which ensure the proper operation of the garage door and the absolute security of all those associated with the use of the door.

According to Biorol particular attention should be paid to the following:

- It is a serious matter for all of us that the garage door operates safely.

- All family members related to the operation of the door should be informed for the specific instructions.

- The garage door should be inspected (visual inspection) and always make sure for the proper operation.

- You should never intervene to components or any kind of the garage door settings.

- If any problem is detected in the operation the manufacturer should be informed for its restoration.

- Only authorized service crew of the manufacturing company is to intervene in the construction.

- Children should never play with the garage door remote controls.

- Objects Should never be forgotten beneath a garage door.

- If an obstacle (i.e. a toy or any other object) is under a door while it is closing a child should never try to get it but only an adult should be notified.

- You should never play under or near a garage door and especially you should never try to go under it while it is closing

- Always use the handle (or pulling rope if any) for the opening and closing of a manually operated garage door.
- Never try to close a garage door by placing your fingers to other parts.

- Remember that all types of automatic doors always have the possibility of being converted to manual mode.



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